The maritime Family Banck from Arild - Brunnby.

Brunnby church
View NW from Arild towards Kullens lighthouse.
Arild chapel

SP2 The oldest known ancestors to the Banck family, al come from the area around the small fishing village of Arild in the parish of Brunnby. Brunnby is already mentioned in various sources as far back as the 12th century, and the oldest parts of Brunnby church is from the 13th century. The oldest trace of the ancestors to the family is from much later, from around 1580. At that time Scania belonged to Denmark, and Brunnby was called Brøndby.
    The family patriarch, åbo rusthållare Jöns Nilsson (1709-1784), was borne here, and decendants to him still live in the Arild-area.

Source: "Sjöfolk och Fartyg från Viken" (1650-1985) Del: 1,2,3   Author: maritime-historian, seacaptain Bror B. Malmsten

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