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      Yesterday Friday the 16th of August Brynolf had Name Day (in the swedish calendar).

      Today Saturday the 17th of August Verner and Valter have Name Day.

      Tomorrow Sunday the 18th of August Ellen and Lena< will have Name Day. Flag of Sami people The first Same council 1956  

      Monday the 19th of August Magnus and Måns will have Name Day. Flag of Norway Crown Princess Mette-Marit's Birthday  

      Tuesday the 20th of August Bernhard and Bernt will have Name Day.

      Wendnesday the 21st of August Jon and Jonna will have Name Day.

      Thursday the 22nd of August Henrietta and Henrika will have Name Day.

      Friday the 23rd of August Signe and Signhild will have Name Day.

      Saturday the 24th of August Bartolomeus will have Name Day.

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