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      Yesterday Tuesday the 19th of March Josef and Josefina had Name Day (in the swedish calendar). Flag of Finland Minna Canth Day, Equality Day  

      Today Wendnesday the 20th of March Joakim and Kim have Name Day.

      Tomorrow Thursday the 21st of March Bengt will have Name Day and it is Spring Equinox.

      Friday the 22nd of March Kennet and Kent will have Name Day.

      Saturday the 23rd of March Gerda and Gerd will have Name Day.

      Sunday the 24th of March Gabriel and Rafael will have Name Day.

      Monday the 25th of March it is Annunciation day. Flag of Sami people

      Tuesday the 26th of March Emanuel will have Name Day.

      Wendnesday the 27th of March Rudolf and Ralf will have Name Day.

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