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Lappland Norrbotten Västerbotten Jämtland Ångermanland Medelpad Härjedalen Hälsingland Dalarna Gästrikland Värmland Uppland Närke Södermanland Dalsland Bohuslän Västergötland Östergötland Halland Småland Skåne Blekinge Öland Gotland Västmanland (BD) - Norrbotten Län (AC) - Västerbotten Län (Z) - Jämtland Län (Y) - Västernorrland Län (X) - Gävleborg Län (W) - Dalarna Län (S) - Värmland Län (T) - Örebro Län (U) - Västmanland Län (C) - Uppsala Län (AB) - Stockholm Län (D) - Södermanland Län (O) - Västra Götaland Län (E) - Östergötland Län (F) - Jönköping Län (H) - Kalmar Län (I) - Gottland Län (N) - Halland Län (G) - Kronoberg Län (M) - Skåne Län (K) - Blekinge Län

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    Many places with the same name exists i Sweden. So to avoid confussion In genealogy, normally the old Swedish car registration letter ID's (in brackets) are used as a suffix after the name to denote in what part of Sweden a town, village or other place is situated.
    As you can see om the mapps there are only minor differences. Lately some of the counties have been joined for administrative reasons, but within genealogy the old county lettering will continue for many years to come. The main differece is in the 2 Counties (M) & (O).
See List: Provinces and Counties.

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