The maritime family BANCK from NW-Scania.

Bergahusen 3-4
Bergahusen 3-4 - ARILD
Skipper Lars Jönson BANKs home

    The origin of the family name BANK, later BANCK, is unknown, but the fact that all 4 sons of the family patriach Jöns Nilsson (1709-1784), took the name, is known and documented in several sources. The name is most likely derived from the tradition in the Arild - Brunnby area, of short and easily pronounceabel names, that were clear in commands, given on the high seas when it was stormy weather (ex. Fisk, Stark, Lock, Trapp ...). The spelling of the name varied, in the church ledgers, during the first couple of generations. Since the end of the 18:th century, the name has been spelled "BANCK" like today.

    Jöns had 6 children in his 2 marriages, 1 child died as infant and the informations about the oldest son Jöns Jönsson Bank (1747- ?) and the youngest dougther Elna Jönsdotter (1761- ?) are very scarce in the sources at hand. The last 3 sons became the 3 lines of the family Banck that B. B. Malmsten describes in his books as :

Brunnby line:     skipper Lars Jönsson Bank (1750-1821) 18 children.
Viken line 1 :     skipper Måns Jönsson Bank (1753-1802) 6 children.
Viken line 2 :     skipper Nils Jönsson Bank (1758-1813) 11 children.

SP2 Several generations of Jöns and his 2 wifes ancestors are known, they all come from the same area and from the lost time when Scania was a part of the kingdom of Denmark. Decendants of Jöns are nowdays spread over half the globe, but mostly in nothern Europe and Scandinavia.

    Decendants of     J. Nilsson (1709-1784)    (PDF-format 48 sid.)
    Ancestors to     Mattias Otto Carsten Banck (1988- )    (PDF-format 23 sid.)

Source: "Sjöfolk och Fartyg från Viken" (1650-1985) Del: 1,2,3   Author: maritime-historian, seacaptain Bror B. Malmsten

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